Organisational Change Management and Transformation

“Getting your ducks in a row is the key to being change ready” our clients say

Change management helps you to move from the current business state to the future state you have envisioned.

Change is woven in to the fabric of organisations and projects, from minor constant change (such as new company policies) to major initiatives (such as new working practices).

It can also appear as a reaction to internal or external pressures, problems or opportunities the organisation is facing.  This impacts on the organisations structures, roles, systems and processes.


Organisational Change

We help to get your ducks in a row

We understand your organisation has to proactively manage change in order to, for example:

  •   become more efficient
  •   engage employees
  •   survive economically

Sometimes these changes are unplanned – something happens which you had not anticipated, but you must deal with.

Whatever your reason, we help you manage the associated activities which support the realisation and adoption of the change.


What are the key elements of change management?

We will work with you through the three main phases of the change:

  • preparing for it
  • managing it
  • adopting and sustaining it


What are some of the activities involved?

For example, we help you at the outset to:

  • define the scope of the change
  • define and shape your change management strategy
  • plan how business leaders will actively play a role in the change

Together we’ll agree our plan, and work to implement it.

This will allow us to gather feedback, identify and understand areas of resistance and ensure that appropriate measures are adopted and applied.


Celebrate success

We know from experience that having an actively engaged team in your business involved in the project is a good indicator of success.

Celebrating your successes is something we encourage.  From small daily achievements and little steps to the large milestones, they are all significant and recognition will help reinforce and sustain change.

We look forward to celebrating your success with you!