Programme and Project Management

We provide programme and project management support, delivery and assistance

We provide programme project management expertise to guide, to lead and to support high visibility business initiatives from start to finish. Working to help you achieve business goals, satisfy quality standards and improve business performance.

We bring experienced, flexible, reliable, delivery focused support as and when you need it.


Project Management

"How can we achieve that successful outcome?"

This is question many businesses struggle with.

It can be such a big task it feels a bit overwhelming.


Perhaps you can see what the goal you need to achieve is...  but don't know how to get there?

You may already have multiple projects but need to understand, plan and streamline activities... but have no expertise or method to manage this?

Perhaps you need someone to lead the team, or just don’t have skilled resource to get there in the specified timeframe, or need access to a skill set unavailable in-house?

Your working processes are not efficient - to make real improvement you need help.

We can help from project inception to completion

Crystallise your project vision

identify and articulate what 'good' looks like

Build the business case

develop an appropriate framework to plan and manage the project

Scope the project

describing the work to be done in order to deliver the project

Define the project

create the right framework for the project and change controls

Manage stakeholders

identify stakeholders, keep them engaged and manage expectations

Manage communications

identify and plan the relevant project communications

Keep the budget on track

with our capex experience

Manage risks and opportunities

surfacing, managing risks and a commercial eye for opportunities

Execute the work

keeping the work on course, to time and budget

Manage the business change

taking care of the relevant changes to the business


Regulation and compliance

We have experience of regulation and compliance in several sectors and know that regulations can shape every project decision.  We have for example, worked extensively with Alternative Business Structures (ABS) providing legal services are subject to strict regulation and not making appropriate provision for that can have costly consequences for the organisation.


Are you already struggling with a project?

We can drop in to troubleshoot using a sensitive but firm approach.  We will identify issues, provide guidance and work with the team.  Our job is to help you to get back on track.


Our toolkit

Project ManagementWe are fluent in both agile and waterfall styles of project management methodologies, so can dovetail neatly in to your ways of working as required.

We use an extensive toolkit of techniques and methodologies for programme, project and change management.  These tools can be used to aid understanding and explain issues, identify strategic opportunities and enhance problem solving.


We will be with you every step of the way helping you to succeed and to achieve your goals.